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Friday, December 11, 2009


The holidays are fast approaching and although the crowds in the stores and the cold weather may make you want to stay indoors you should check out these amazing doors. Already set on a door frame these fully functional doors can be integrated into any interior looking for an authentic feel.
Pair of Old Chinese Doors, Mounted & Framed with Heavy Rusted Iron Fittings
Also, this month we are featuring a few of our Chinese cabinets that have very unusual and rare details.
Set of Three Antique Chinese Stacking Boxes, Carved Door Fronts & Panels
30-1/4"w X 19-1/2"d X 39" overall height

Antique Chinese Cabinet, Elm Wood, Three Doors with Painted Lacquered Scenes,
Five Drawers and Interior Shelf
39"w X 17-1/4"d X 69-1/4"h

Antique Chinese Cabinet, Jumo Wood, Two Pocket Doors, Two Interior
Shelves and Two Interior Drawers
41-1/2"w X 21-1/2"d X 70"h
The Stephen Earls Showroom wishes you a very warm and pleasant holiday season!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sake Celebration

This month we recognize Sake in our Asian Antiques and in the Japanese Byobu Screens. From the pair of six fold screens entitled, "Celebration of the Sake God" to the two fold screen, "Sake Drinkers" (these ladies had to be let out of our treasure house for celebrating a little too much), it is apparent that Sake is an influence in art and culture.

Pair of Antique 6-Fold Byobu Table Screens, "Celebration of the Sake God", Japan/circa 1860 (736.25/10)

Antique Sake Barrel in Red and Black Trim, Japan/Late XIX c. (72.5/10)

Antique Japanese 2-Fold Byobu Screen, "Sake Drinkers", Japan/Circa 1870 (1355/10)

Large Size "Hotei" Figure, Japan/XIX c. (455/10)

Medium Size "Hotei" Figure, Japan/XIX c. (342.5/10)

Antique Two Section "Nihomatsu" Style Tansu Chest with Unique "Fan" Escutcheons and Heavy Iron Fittings, Japan XIX c. (SOLD)

Antique 6-Fold Byobu Table Screen, "Phoenix Festival", Japan/Circa 1870 (586.25/10)

Pair of Bronze Candle Stands 11.5" high with Wick Pot & Snuffers, Wooden Storage Box Included, Very Rare, Japan/Old (230/10)

Pair of "Old" Hina Dolls, Display Screens Included, Japan/Old (305/10)

"Jubako" Stacking Boxes with Lid and "Sanbo" Stand, Black Lacquer with Gold Applique and Red Interiors, (192.5/10)

Glazed Chinese Egg Jar, Pre-Drilled Hole in Bottom for Potting Plants (260/10)

Set of Four, Antique "Jubako" Stacking Boxes with Two Covers & Original Storage Box, Japan/Circa 1860 (342.50/10)

McGuire Set, 127A Flip Top Table & Four M-24 Chairs (SOLD)

Just added to display:

Antique 6-Fold Byobu Table Screen, Highly Colored Botanical Water Scape with Oxidized Silver Clouds, Japan/Circa 1860 (SOLD)

*For other items please see previous post, ONE OF A KIND.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We dug deep into the Stephen E. Earls treasure trove to find these special one of a kind items. It was very hard to come to terms to make these wonderful and rare items available but they are way too precious to keep hidden away in our vault.

  • We have gone as far as to tear off the pair of Old Doors to our vault. These 21" wide by 79.75" high Chinese doors are wonderfully outfitted with rusted iron fittings. (1130/10)

Here we have a fantastic collection of table top accessories. From left to right starting from the back we have a...

  • "Sudari" green drip glaze jar, 17" tall and highly refined earthenware from the Shigaraki area of Japan and mid-nineteenth century. (492.5/10)
  • Antique Giant Wooden Grist-Wheel from Thailand. (605/10)
  • "Tokkuri" a tall sake decanter, 14" tall with celadon drip glaze. This Japanese earthenware piece is typical of Ryomonji Kagoshima Prefecture. (380/10)
  • Old Japanese Sake Jug with pouring lip in a green drip glaze. (117.5/10)
  • Antique Earthenware Teapot with lid and iron handle again in a celadon drip glaze. This late nineteenth century Japanese teapot is from the kilns of Kagoshima Prefecture. (230/10)
  • Japanese Wooden Hibachi with extraordinary Patina Copper insert, approximately 19" wide by 16.5" deep and 8.5" high. (SOLD)
  • Our most precious treasure, a pair of hand carved puppets. Male and female partners are done up with gold leaf, in costumes that are beaded and jeweled. Superbly displayed in contemporary plexi-glass cases each 18" wide by 18" deep and 31.5" high. (4505/10)
Details of the puppets.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Showroom Screening

Our February offering is our beautiful collection of traditional folding screens known as BYOBU literally meaning "protection from the wind", which were originially developed in Japan to be used as dividers both indoors and outdoors. The zig-zag construction allows them to be free standing or wall mounted. Please find below photographs of a handful of what we have on our showroom floor. There are many sizes available from two panels to six panel screens and in various motifs with many of them painted on Gold Leaf. Please stop in and view them for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.